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Hiawatha Valley Mental Health Center (HVMHC) is a prod recipient of a United Way Grant, which will assist in funding clinical consultation, reflective listening, and training with Winona Country Child Protection Workers.

Professionals in the Greater Winona United Way area who serve children, youth, and families across various settings and differing capacities, from county human services, child foster care, day care settings, pre-school centers and K-12 schools, deal on a daily basis with consumers and clients who have presenting mental health needs which impact them daily. Staff who provide these important services rarely, if ever, have access to receive specialized, clinical consultation on how to most effectively assess, understand, and support the mental health needs of the children and families they work with. This is the case for care providers or child protection workers who are serving children and at the same time trying to support parents in doing their best.

Dr. Judy Woods, Psychologist with HVMHC, is collaborating with the supervisors at Winona County Community Services to organize and plan a reflective consultation group to meet over the course of the next year. It is hoped through providing reflective consultation the workers will build and develop their their reflective capacities and learn new tools to use with clients and families they are working with. Furthermore, through building the reflective capacity of child protection workers it is hoped that this will reduce burnout and help them in working with some of the most difficult cases.

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